Yield album 1999


Yield is Matt's first album. His love for the music of Maurice Ravel, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and the 5th Dimension is evident on a collection that blends jazz, Brazilian and classical influences.

Yield album front cover
Yield back cover


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1The Bookclub Membership

2Far Away From Here

3Eastern Seaboard Sings

4Across The Lake

5Wind Net

6In The Marble Orchard

7Stella & Ravel

8Ever Opening Flower



Adrian Sledmere playing guitar

Matt on recording the ALBUM

"I have been lucky enough to be asked to contribute compositions, engineering and production skills to the making of some wonderful recordings over the years. However, I have never made an record over which I had complete artistic control. Pressure from the industry to conform is insidious. Even at its most benign, and when there is no apparent corporate arm twisting, you often do things to please A&R, management and artists almost sub-consciously.

Making an LP entirely independently is both liberating and constraining. You soon find that it's even harder to please yourself. With no time constraints how do you ever finish? Dave Stewart once said "You never finish an LP, you just abandon it". Wise words from a man who believes the only thing missing from an SSL mixing desk is a urinal along the front.

Q: How many producers does it take to make an LP?
A: I don't know what do you think?

Yield is the first recording to which I have put my own name. It is an intensely personal LP. I wanted to be able to say, just for once, "Here I am! This music is an absolute expression of my musical loves, I take the credit and the blame".

Yield was recorded and mixed in its entirety at my home in London between summers 96 and 98. For the first time I abandoned my conventional linear multitrack and used an Apple PowerPC computer for all the recording, editing and mastering. I wanted to make all the technical processes as transparent as possible and concentrate on the music.

Matt in studio

Track by track

The Bookclub Membership

This one has a wonderful guitar solo played by Adrian Sledmere and a piano vamp stolen from "Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys" by Traffic.

Far Away From Here

A really simple and straightforward recording. So why was the mix such a nightmare?

Eastern Seaboard Sings

This short tune utilises whole tone chords (the Debussy influence!). The pad sounds are from my beloved Prophet VS.

Across The Lake

My kids sing this one so maybe I've a hit on my hands ... or not. The cross rhythms in the middle 8 were nicked from Ravel's "Mother Goose". Sorry mate.

Ed Cooper playing keyboards

Wind Net

I wrote and recorded this in a day. A very rare occurrence I can tell you. The acoustic guitar was overdubbed some weeks later.

In The Marble Orchard

This was written long ago as an exercise in serial music composition for a college course. It's all samples from an Akai S1000 and an EMU Proteus 2.

Stella & Ravel

Unashamedly sentimental piece for my daughter. Aren't the harps and flutes great?

Ever Opening Flower

That's a Korg Prophecy playing the guitar solo. Ooooh!

Matt and Billy


A tribute to Barry Gray, John Barry, and Stanley Meyers. This is mostly about arrangement. I think we used every synth and effect in the studio on this one.


I'd never written anything over 5 minutes before Array. This was an attempt to break away from conventional song structure and move wherever I wanted harmonically without restraint. There are one or two key changes here! The "guitar" solo half way through is an old DX7 patch". Matt Nove 1999