Adrienne Loehry - Fruit album 1987


A collaboration between the beautiful voice of Adrienne Loehry, the writing and production talents of Bluey (Incognito, George Benson etc) and Matt Stuart Ottewill, the engineering and mixing skills of Roger King (Steve Hackett band, Cliffhanger movie etc), and the musicianship of Paul Stacey (guitar), Mornington Lockett (sax).

Adrienne Loehry - Fruit album cover
Adrienne Loehry portrait


  1. What Is Remembered?
  2. Stay
  3. Gravity
  4. Mediocrity
  5. In Close Quarters
  6. Heart Of The Matter
  7. Ivy
  8. Demon You
  9. Backwater
  10. Poision Kiss
  11. Shake It Up
  12. Live It Down
  13. The Extenet Of The Lie
  14. Down Came The Rain
  15. Slow Build Up
  16. Mediocrity (12inch)

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© ℗ 1987 Matt Ottewill and JP Manuick. You may use the MP3 audio files on this page for personal use only. Unauthorised duplication, distribution, broadcast and performance is prohibited.

1What Is Remembered?




5In Close Quarters

6Heart Of The Matter


8Demon You


10Poison Kiss

11Shake It Up

12Live It Down

13The Extent Of The Lie

14Down Came The Rain

15Slow Build Up

16Mediocrity (12inch)

Song lyrics

© ℗ Matt Ottewill unless otherwise stated.

What Is Remembered

I have learnt your language from A to Z
And in my book your every word makes history
I hear trumpets I hear drums

You have left temptation wide awake
And you should know that memories can't wait
To be gentle to be kind

What is remembered is it me
What is remembered is it me

The first familiar feeling you felt was a lie
You're keeping a one dollar secret under this brilliant sky
Sailing on an open sea

Sailing on an open sea happiness in hand
Will you still be there for me when I reach the land.


© ℗ JP Manuick & Matt Ottewill

Stop that emotion guided through the hands of jealousy
The footsteps that follow will lead you to dance and deceive you

Don't let them break you
Don't let them tear us apart
Let's run from the danger
Don't get too close

What they never held with an open hand
How can they begin to understand

Stay let me find a hundred ways to love you
Stay turn your back on the easy way
Stay let me find a hundred ways to love you
Stay and you'll never be lonely

Don't play with our feelings
We're not here for your sympathy
We both know what's right from wrong
So baby be strong

What they never see with open eyes
How can they begin to understand

You know that those who you trust
Will only deceive you


That's what gravity tells you listen to it
That's what gravity says

Flattered by the alcohol
Carry me across the floor
You'll never see action without reaction
Everybody knows the law

We all want to live again
Oh Lord! if you understand us please excuse it,
We all want to walk on water
Oh Lord! science is a tool and we better use it

Flattered by the alcohol
I'm waiting to be born again
Living with the angels over my shoulder
Everybody feels the same

In the cold light of day as a matter of fact
When the clouds roll away
It took moments only moments to prove the law
That's what it's for


That's mediocrity, that's mediocre
That's mediocrity, that's mediocre

Want to be a saint want to be a king
Grow up shipbuilding
That's mediocrity, that's mediocre

Once tasted it is said
Greed is an appetite to be fed
That's mediocrity, that's mediocre

Cash money, cash money & deception prove
Once bitten, once bitten twice removed
Get ready, get ready for the judgement day
Somebody's gonna make you pay
Wha'cha gonna do

Big ego on a burning fuse
Little boy living in a big man's shoes
That's mediocrity, that's mediocre

Daddy once said to get a good start
Don't upset the apple cart
That's mediocrity, that's mediocre

Listen little darling and don't you cry
Daddy's gonna love you 'til the river runs dry
Listen little darling and don't you cry
The weak get weaker but the strong survive

In Close Quarters

From the village of your childhood to the promised land you go
Surely all the streets are paved with gold
On a tide of expectation you have laid your money down
Believing all the stories you've been told

The body breaths and the air is sweet
It's a brand new day - every step you take,
The body breaths and the air is sweet
It's a brand new day - for protections sake
Remember, you must stay

In close quarters
What do you say
Liberty is fighting in the dark
What do you say.
In close quarters
What do you say
Justice is a dagger in the heart
What do you say

For the mighty yankee dollar will you struggle to survive
From the bottom you have risen to the top
On a diet of bravado will you satisfy your greed
Hungry is the fire that you feed

Heart Of The Matter

© ℗ JP Manuick & Matt Ottewill

Time and time again
Stay stay

Searching for a reason a key to life's animation
Away in the distance for my consolation
Time and time again time and again

Through the eyes of a child I knew what I wanted
So don't be surprised I've only just started

Every day I watch the world go round waiting my chance
To move to the heart of the matter
Every day I paint the whole thing down work it out in my mind
I wanted to hear the world say
Stay you're a winner
Stay stay
Stay true to the heart of the matter

Betrayed in my seduction trying to make good relations
Away from the borders of my destination
Time and time again time and again

With a close to paralysing fear
That brings me to my knees


© ℗ Jenny Fontana & Matt Ottewill

In the mirror she could see a woman
In the flick of TV Anaesthesia is it me?
She rakes her hands through her hair dark eyes shadowed
Like a silent star Stare like a silent star

Up come the ivy-scrolled captions "Who is this woman?
And what is she trying to say?
Who is this woman?"

"Why me why me?" crescendo cracks
The silence shatters pain ...

Her wild eyes open wider
Her face falls into her hands
Into her hands

Demon You

Better to betray better than betrayal
Better to obey better to obey
Underneath the house underneath a halo
Better to betray better to betray

Bad luck but forget it
Love shark breaking candy with your own
Throw down and regret it baby
You've got the muscle but I've got the plan

Ever faithful demon you
Disrespectful demon you
Body perfect demon you
Unbeliever demon you

Ready to believe ready to believe it
Anything you say anything you say
Clever with the word clever with the meaning
Ready to believe ready to betray


Some tender body mercy reptilian at that
I understand you happen to be wearing heaven in your hat,
The complicated movement of the muscle in your lips
Is evidently so
The complicated movement of the devils fingertips

Backwater penny whistle town
Mr big belittles in his button down
Backwater pocket on the swell
Everybody has a property to sell

The power and the glory of living on your own
I understand that you are now considered a stranger in your home,
The complicated movement of the muscle in your lips
Is evidently so
The complicated movement of the devils fingertips

Poison Kiss

The poison kiss you gave to me
Has left me tongue tied - unhappily
Don't be unkind
These bitter memories are mine

And so the story runs again
I've not felt pain like this before
As expectation falls like rain

I know I trust - I'm learning to demand it
I want I will - I hope to understand it
I never thought - That I would ever miss
The poison kiss

The gentle arms that kept me warm
Protected me before the storm before the fall
The shadows climb the wall

Shake It Up

When we shake it up what do you say lord
How do we live on the borderline
hen we shake it up where do we go lord
Where do we go when the time is right

One body punch puts me in heaven
But leaves me standing in the rain
Belief is stronger than religion
I need to be with you again

I feel like a sailing boat on a brand new sea
Everything we've got is better than money

Shadow boxing you will show me
And take me through that holy land
And I will speak of resurrection
In words that you will understand

Live It Down

If you try you can live it down
A goodbye will often make it better

Another week slips anchor calling nostalgia by name
My pen is dry and needs to return into the inkwell again

A printed page on a backwater swell
Another sorry little story to tell
The water breaks at the back of the bay
I know it well I know it well

Without the need to sample the bitter taste of success
In the event I couldn't agree to ever settle for less

In a life of advantage without a cross to bear
Another chance of salvation

The Extent Of The Lie

Tell me again
I've got to know the extent of the lie
Tell me again
I've got to know the extent of the lie

You were a shoulder to cry on
You were a flower in spring
You were the sparkle in everyone’s life
But you were the one with a tongue like a knife

Chatterbox on the rattling rail
Chatterbox with the wind in your sail
We never talk so we can't agree
About the devil and the deep blue sea

We take a tiny step and give you the power
Then we get poison from a flower

Down Came The Rain

No sun no moon

Levelling the barren soil
Getting used to new stigmata
Bitter sleep the old betrayals
Chasing the moon away

Underneath a heavy sky
Round the corner rain is falling
Celebrate the old betrayals
Giving the bride away giving the bride away

Much reason in emotion twisted
One moment to explain
No sun no moon down came the rain

Sheltering in stormy weather
Living up the new sensation
Serenades the old betrayals
Chasing the moon away
Chasing the moon away

Compensation in emotion
Waking up to hesitation
Satisfy the old betrayals
Giving the bride away giving the bride away

No sun no moon
No sun no moon

Slow Build Up

Slow build up to intensity
Slow build up to intensity
The body breaks the finger snaps
The action brings the feeling back

Animal rising attendant of desire
Couldn't succeed in putting out the fire

Drunk on fury wrapped around the flavour
Courting treason burning down the house
Every action tearing up a rhythm
Needs a reason
Working on a

Devil bravado the fever runs its course
Washing up those rumours lies and strange reports