Gatefold Covers Of The 1970's album 2006

Gatefold Covers Of The 1970s album cover
Matt Ottewill 2006


  1. Transport
  2. 8th Is 10th
  3. Chris Sullivan's File
  4. Dogs Lounge
  5. Stet
  6. The Completist
  7. Gatefold Covers Of The1970s
  8. Sleep Comes Slowly
  9. Isolated Farmhouse
  10. Stepladders of the Rich & Famous
  11. He Fills The Stage With Flags
  12. A Sprung Life
  13. As Beautiful As The Day
  14. Song Like Stone
  15. Magpies
  16. The Intermediate Group


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28th Is 10th

3Chris Sullivan's File

4Dogs Lounge


6The Completist

7Gatefold Covers Of The1970s

8Sleep Comes Slowly

9Isolated Farmhouse

10Stepladders of the Rich & Famous

11He Fills The Stage With Flags

12A Sprung Life

13As Beautiful As The Day

14Song Like Stone


16The Intermediate Group

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The Completist
Stepladders of the Rich & Famous


Isolated Farmhouse music video