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  1. Song Sung
  2. You're Only Good Enough If We Say You Are
  3. Cleared For Song
  4. Climate Change
  5. Time Is Spent
  6. Where You Are
  7. Disappointment Card
  8. The Rhetoric Of The Jet
  9. Sleep Is A Rose
  10. If You Remember Me

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1Song Sung

2You're Only Good Enough If We Say You Are

3Cleared For Song

4Climate Change

5Time Is Spent

6Where You Are

7Disappointment Card

8The Rhetoric Of The Jet

9Sleep Is A Rose

10If You Remember Me

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You're Only Good Enough If We Say You Are
Disappointment Card


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Cleared For Song music video

Matt in studio

Song lyrics

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Song Sung

Matt - My tribute to the genius of Antonio Carlos Jobim. He died before I got to see him perform. One of my few regrets.

The gentle motion of the land and sea
Softly spoken with simplicity
The song is calling in portuguese
Lifting the faithful from their knees

The night - back when Debussy found him
To write - he let the sea surround him
Turning shadow into light

Song sung day is done
You’ve been staring at the sun that corridor is eight minutes long
Rivers run summers sum
We will play those records all night long

A one note samba and the harbor lights
This boat’s at anchor Ipanema nights
In recognition take a bow
John the baptist has you now


You're Only Good Enough If We Say You Are

Matt - We have a government in the UK which is obsessed with controlling it's people with laws and auditors. It makes our lives hell. Well, we've been auditing them too and their days are numbered.

This is another day of hell
The wife is complaining the dogs as well
If I try to escape I won’t get far
They’ve got the number of my favorite bar

You’re only good enough if we say you are
You need geography to follow a star

My credit cards are at the max
I had to use them to pay my tax
Health and safety have shut me down
I’m a fugitive in my home town

You’re only good enough if we say you are
You don’t have what it takes to play the guitar

In the kingdom of my dreams I’m still walking tall
But in reality my backs to the wall
And you’re no damn help at all

Cleared For Song

If we free ourselves of caring what others think of us, we'll find true freedom.

This is monday London calling turn your radios on
We’ve got the latest news and your favorite song
You may have thoughts of your own put them away
We’re going to tell you what to think today

Wake up and feel the cold at the lost and found
Light drains underground
You’ll know right from wrong
When you’re cleared for song

Does it matter do you worry what the people might say
You need to free your mind and they’ll all go away
Step up and walk in the rain walk in the sun
The past has left you and your life’s begun

There is a number written in the book of life
And I read it every day, every night
The double helix is a guiding ray of light
And a story we can all understand

Climate Change

The end of an affair.

She didn't mean to hurt him but she did
It was her intention to keep her feelings hid
But there in front of everyone
She gave him back his ring ... and his name
And everybody in the room felt the climate change.

There wasn't really much that he could do
There's nothing to be done when someone loses faith in you
He lied again and told her everyone but himself was to blame
But then he looked into her eyes
And saw the climate change.

Into the night with the kids and the kitten
Out of the house and the battle of Britain
Waiting for the bus inthe pouring rain
As Daddy wakes up in the bath again.

Matt guitars

Time Is Spent

For Tracy.

This is not the dreamtime now
If it was I’d still be asleep
And beyond me in the distance
Would be far away from my reach

Wake me now I have fallen for it all
Turn my head to the call

Time is spent with you
These are the words that we heard
Roads have drawn closer
All lead to you chosen few

Back into the window
Walking slowly up the wall to where it begins
All the voices that surround us
Without an invitation have come from within

Careful now such a lonely place to be
Let me know if its me

Time is spent with you
These are the words that we heard
Roads have drawn closer
All lead to you chosen few

Where You Are

For Tracy, again.

Drive out of town under a starless sky
Turn the music down low
Light up the houses as we pass by
And the snow

Leave it it all behind us
We don’t need those things
They will never find us

Lock the doors
Park the car
You can sleep

Where you are I want to be
There is no one else calling me
Somewhere else is just too far
I only want to be where you are

Silk Cut and coffee to keep us warm
As the sun sinks low
Shadows fall and day is done

Disappointment Card

The Blair witch project has run aground and all the card carrying Labour party members smell blood.

At last the time has come to do what's right
You may find that it's impossible to sleep tonight
We don't really care how the deed is done
You can use imagination
Or a gun

The light will shine on you tonight
Let down your guard
We read the writing on the disappointment card

You abused our trust when you took us off to war
Even presidents and kings aren't above the law.

Did they tell you how the story goes
There’s nothing you can do to hide the truth
It shows
Below you only sky the end is nigh

We don't want to read
I wish that you were here
We have to turn our backs on you
Sorry dear.

The Rhetoric Of The Jet

When I was a child we used to cycle down to Hawker Siddley in Hatfield and try to catch a glimpse of the prototype Harrier jump jet being tested. More exciting than an iPhone.

Dreamers dream singers sing
Hope eternal and that kind of thing
Habitat and tower blocks
Everywhere you look technology is king

Who can forget
The rhetoric of the jet

Sleep Is A Rose

Matt plays keys

The title comes from Lolita. Nabokov meant this to refer to beauty sleep, but for some people death is a rose too. Blessed relief.

When I look back an air that kills surrounds me
Where is that place that I once knew

Here are the highways dividing the land
Leading us home again hand in hand

Sleep is a rose heaven knows
Everything that lived in you
That’s the way it goes

I’m not afraid I know that some people are
This journey will end in my life I’ve travelled far

On the horizon fading fast
Drawing us closer to the last

If You Remember Me

Well, everybody cares a little bit, don't they?"

Say what you will you can’t hurt me now
Don’t speak of revenge I wouldn’t know how

If you remember me try to think of summer days
If you remember me look beyond the dark where sunlight plays

Remember me
Remember me
Remember me
Remember me

Open you heart slowly but open it wide
Do this for me I will be waiting outside

Love the life and living too
May it all come back to you
Keep the faith and you will find
Everything you left behind