Eye Is Keen album 2022


Matt's 8th studio album contains 8 new rock and fusion influenced tracks. Recorded during lockdown in 2021, performed by Matt.

"This album is about what it means to feel good, trying to do my best after a difficult few years, and meeting my partner Lucy. She made me realise I had just been surviving. Which is never enough" Matt Jan 2022

Eye Is Keen album cover
Matt Ottewill playing guitar in the recording studio


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1Eye Is Keen

2Copenhagen Sun

3In Plain Sight

4Trawl Net Disgorged A Girl

5My Arms Around You

6That's What All The Songs Are About

7You Me We

8Come Back To Me


Copenhagen Sun
That's What All The Songs Are About

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Eye Is Keen music video

That's What All The Songs Are About music video

About the album

"With the exception of some string arrangements on "You Me We", this album was composed, performed and recorded exclusively with guitars, bass and drums. For the last few years I haven't touched the keyboards, preferring to just play guitar. On this album it's mostly Charvel super-strat, Les Paul guitars and Marshall amplifiers, also some acoustic guitars, a sitar guitar and a Charvel super-strat. There is also a vocoder, not sure if it's an instrument or an effect!?" Matt January 2022

Song lyrics

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Eye Is Keen

Eye is keen
Eye is keen
I see you in my mind
I know you see me too

Matt Ottewill recording guitar in the studio

Copenhagen Sun

Here we are you and me
There is nowhere else I would rather be
Forever under a cloudless sky
As the world goes by

When we go walking
We walk in Copenhagen sun - go walking
No need for talking
We walk in Copenhagen sun - no talking

And if you desire no more than this
Perhaps it’s enough to merely exist
But we can live outside of time
Love is sunshine

Here we are you and me
There is nowhere else I would rather be
As the world goes by

In Plain Sight

I saw you hiding in plain sight
I didn’t take my eyes off you
And your reaction in plain sight
Told me you saw me too
Plain sight

I know you
I live you

And now we’re living in plain sight
Sharing a point of view
This feels like heaven in plain sight
This feels like me and you

We’re walking in plain sight
We’re walking
We’re walking in plain sight

My Arms Around You

I know what you want and what to do
I know your name and it suits you
I need you close but not to possess
We were made for each other more or less

Eye is keen
And wide awake
This is so much more than
Give and take

We can talk about lovers from the past
And all the reasons they didn’t last
We’ve always been the way we are
If we try to leave we won’t get far

My arms around you
Your hand in mine

Matt Ottewill and guitar portrait

That’s What All The Songs Are About

Never been so tongue tied
Another thief in my mouth
And he’s stealing my words

I want to tell you something
I want to speak from the heart
I don’t know where to begin

And every song on the radio
Can say it so much better than me
I can’t see straight or the wood for the tree
I’m lost in this geography
It’s obvious and easy to see

That’s what all the songs are about
That’s what all the songs are about

I have chosen this song
It was written for you
Turn your radio on

Come back to me

When doubt creeps in
And you give in to thoughts within
You turn your head and look away
Imagining a different day

It doesn’t matter what I say
It doesn’t matter what I do
If this is what we’re getting to
And this is what we mean to you

Come back to me
Know this eye is keen
Come back to me
Find me in your dream

Matt plays his Les Paul in the studio