3 Easy Pieces EP 2005


Matt's 4th solo recording is his first to feature compositions which use the backbeat. A mix of laid back and aggresive jazz-rock fusion recordings.

3 Easy Pieces EP front cover
3 Easy Pieces EP back cover


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1Me & The Barents Sea

2Do I Know Winter?

3You & I & DIY

4Box 13

5Those Were The Times & We Move On

6There Are No Brilliant People In Here

Matt on making the EP

"After completing I'm The Wrong Way Up I decided to record a straightforward CD of 3 guitar pieces. Simple compositions with just a few parts. But somehow I ended up with 3 additional jazz/rock/fusion pieces too! Sometimes you just have to go with what you've got. Like many others, my music is always about what I'm able to do rather than what I plan to do."

"As ever, the compositions were inspired by things I'd been thinking about such as ... The Kursk sinking, gambling in South London pubs and getting old."

Matt in the studio


"There are several ways this can work for me. I may have a time signature/rhythm that I want to try. This usually involves a combination of bass and percussion. Once I have those working I can write structure and melody. I never use loops. I prefer to play everything to get exactly what I want with the sounds I want."

"Or I may have a melody with some chords. Usually I play the piano or guitar and sing the melody in my head. When it feels right I make a rough recording of it. Often I keep these guide parts."

"Or I just have an abstract idea of a feel I want to create. This is usually achieved by the juxtaposition of contrasting harmonic ideas."

"I rarely write a piece after being inspired by a new sound, mainly because I've been using the same basic palette of sounds for years. I love programming synthesisers but only use them to add texture."

The guitars

"This EP came about as a result of me re-discovering the guitar. I don't normally talk about gear, I mean who cares?! But I'm going to make an exception here because a lot of people have asked me and I always hate it when musicians I'm interested in are secretive about their creative methods."

"There is something about the physicality of guitar playing that keyboards can't match. But finding the right guitar-amp combination can be a lifetimes work! Over the last 18 months I have tried out different combinations of equipment, bought and sold a few things that didn't really suit me, and have finally settled on the following ...

So now you know. And if all this means nothing to you, and you've managed to read this far, you need to get out more! I hope you just enjoy the music. Best wishes". Matt Nove 2005