Sun To Flower album 1995


Sun To Flower are Liz Leng, Rachel Brown and Sarah Moule. This album contains 10 electro-funk / swing productions including the politically contemptuous Sing Us A Song, Liz's vengeful My Pen, and the aching ballad What The Heart Decides.

Sun To Flower album cover


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1Sing Us A Song

2Wide World

3My Pen

4East Of You

5Truth To Tell

6What They Want

7Sleep Comes Slowly

8Read To Me

9What The Heart Decides

10Love Is An Appetite We Need To Feed


In the mid 1990s Liz Leng, Rachel Brown, Sarah Moule and Matt collaborated on this project. The album was produced by Matt, with songs composed by Matt and Liz. Each singer a distinct voice. Liz is a brilliant lyricist, studio arranger and performer. Sarah's elegant soprano brings grace and beauty to whatever she sings. Rachael's power and soulfulness makes her a dynamic performer. Following Sun To Flower, each moved other projects. This is your only opportunity to hear them perform together. You can find Sarah at

Liz Leng
Rachel Brown
Sarah Moule

Song lyrics

© ℗ Matt Ottewill unless otherwise stated.

Sing Us A Song

Sing us a song don't let us down
We will be ready when the moment comes around
We will be ready we will be strong
We've been alone for far too long
But in a minute you'll be singing us a song

Up in the clouds down on the street
You made some promises you couldn't keep
Out in the rain we waited for you
How could we know what you said wasn't true

Tell us the truth that's all that we need
We've got an appetite you've got to feed
Steal what you can then run from the fight
Stand in the Commons and say it's alright

Sing sing sing sing sing sing ...
Sing sing sing sing sing ...

Out of the light look at you now
Into the Lords and we still don't know how
Gave her a kiss gave her a bite
Right back to basics every night

Wide World

Safe and secure do as you will
Chasing the moon over the hill

Baby it's time to wake up
Open you eyes

Step into the wide world
Heavy are the chambers of my heart
Step into the wide world
Tender are the fires that we start

Think what you like baby it's so
Bluer than blue is the colour I know

Tell me your secret story
Open you arms

Step into the wide world
Listen to the language of regret
Step into the wide world
Tell me that it isn't over yet
Step into the world

Step into step into the world

My Pen

© ℗ Liz Leng & Matt Ottewill

My pen is mighter than your word
It speaks the truth but what you say is absurd
Your mouth moves fast but that's OK
My pen can lick you any time of day

My pen
Is my friend
My pen is faithful to the very end
My pen is my friend
It's solid in my hand and baby it don't bend

This pen is sharper than your tounge
It lyricises but your word remain undone
Stop your shouting your breath is spent
You're tryin' to stab me with a blunt instrument

I don't need to hurry my pen gives me time to think
For which I'm grateful
And I don't need to worry if I run out of ink
I've got a box full

So you get nasty now and then
For your invective you take ten out of ten
In just a while I'll win again
My words on paper cos you're scared of my pen

East Of You

This is what you wanted and this is what you need
A world of your own full of greed

You don't want anyone shaking your tree
Then live in it without me

Open you heart slowly but open it wide
Do this for me I will be waiting outside

Where will you go when the money runs out
And money is something you can't do without

Truth To Tell

It isn't that you hurt me and you did
That would be easy
It isn't even something that you said
To make it so

Truth to tell I don't need you any more
Truth to tell I have learnt what love is for
Truth to tell there is something that I need
Truth to tell and an appetite to feed
Truth to tell

It wasn't that you told me to my face
That was so cruel
And even when you called me by her name
I didn't care

You kept me waiting I should've known
Living with you was like living on my own

What They Want

© ℗ Liz Leng & Matt Ottewill

It's what they want that's what its all about
It what's they yearn for they'll eat you up
And spit you out

Push it out and suck it in
Its all about the shape you're in
Tighten that back line don't you get slack
Once you relax girl there's no going back

Eat it up and drink it in
It's all round the shape you're in
There's mirth in you girth boy so pile on the fat
At least you will pay for youre next heart attack.
Eat your fill pay your bill

In Hollywood you want the life
As you wait for the surgeons knife
Have another slice oooh

Sleep Comes Slowly

Night to guide me moon to shine
Sleep comes slowly to my mind
All about me shadows climb
Sleep comes slowly to my mind

Sleep comes slowly and it's taking all I've got
From the bottom it has risen to the top
Sleep comes slowly and its pushing me away
Steals the time gives a name sends a sign
To my mind

When I'm able to decline
Sleep comes slowly to my mind
Ties that bind me will unwind
Sleep comes slowly to my mind

Sleep comes slowly

Read To Me

Read to me
Tell me what you know
Hold me in your arms and let the garden grow
Why don't you read to me
Show me what to do
Everything I need I get from you

What The Heart Decides

What the heart decides
Every hour every minute of the day
I have struggled to deny
The simple truth
Of what the heart decides

What the heart decides
I'll believe it when I see it in your eyes
To another I am just the living proof
Of what the heart decides

And many were the times when you were by my side
And many were the tears the tears I never cried
But I must not forget the little things I try will never change
What the heart decides

What the heart decides
Every hour every minute of the day
I have struggled to deny
The simple truth
Of what the heart decides
The simple truth
Of what the heart decides
I'll never change
Of what the heart decides

Love Is An Appetite We Need To Feed

Get it right live it up take what you need
Love is an appetite we need to feed
Satisfy what you know can't be denied
Love is all hear it call feel it inside

Why are we here fear is the key
Life's a lonely road walk it with me
Out of the dark into the light

Get it right live it up take what you need
Love is an appetite we need to feed
Love is an appetite we need to feed

Learn to surrender give it away
Pay no mind to what they say
Live for the moment set your mind free