Lord Of Poorly album 2015

Lord Of Poorly album cover
Matt and Billy Ottewill recording Lord Of Poorly


  1. Marker Due
  2. The First Lord Of Poorly
  3. Isle Of Shoals
  4. One To Cook, One To Clean, One To Cry & One To Dream
  5. For Company
  6. The Making Of You
  7. If You Sit Very Still
  8. The Second Lord Of Poorly
  9. Tosser Laureate
  10. Dogs Don't Last

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1Marker Due

2The First Lord Of Poorly

3Isle Of Shoals

4One To Cook, One To Clean, One To Cry & One To Dream

5For Company

6The Making Of You

7If You Sit Very Still

8The Second Lord Of Poorly

9Tosser Laureate

10Dogs Don't Last

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For Company
The Second Lord Of Poorly


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Song lyrics

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Marker Due

Living on tick catches up with you.

Here in the shadows you're a snitch and a schemer
Pretend to be rich but everyone knows
That you sleep in your beamer

The people you owe are just one step behind you
You don't give a damn but we told you before
They all know where to find you

Too bad all the girls that you knew
Not a single one in love with you
And now when you count the cost
Did you win more than you lost

Fear - in your eyes
Anticipating your demise
Friends - have abandoned you
The maker due

On the parade all the hotels have banned you
The tourist have gone so you crawl like a crab
To the people you sang to

But yesterdays news is just ink on their fingers
You're asking for help but they've heard it before
And the melody lingers

Where will you go with nowhere to run
Did you enjoy your time in the sun
Are you having fun

The First Lord Of Poorly

The sound of inevitability. Mr Smith.

Lord of poorly

Here's a well known storyteller
As old as the hills, as true as an arrow
For a thousand years and more
He's been chilling us to the marrow

Dependable as time is he
Watching every move you make
Whatever happens he will take
One in three .. Lord of poorly

Affable as iodine step behind the screen
Lord of poorly
Underground and narrow-cast deadly to the last
Lord of poorly

And he moves as a river to our song he is immune
Astral and subterranean under the shadow of the moon

Isle Of Shoals

Can we live our lives in uncertainty?

There was a time before the fall
Rivers ran fast and sun would shine
Now winter is here and nights are long
To cover our tracks we sing the song

We’re in a story that you control
Your exposition is full of holes
We need forgiveness to save our souls
And the water breaks on the Isle of Shoals

Darwin and men are not for me
Give me the kingdom and part the sea
Do what you will and will be done
Follow the one and only one

One To Cook, One To Clean, One To Cry & One To Dream

An ode to family life.

Now that hope is fading, narrowing the light
Men are talking, long into the night
And we are waiting, on another shore
Every day we sit and watch this internecine war

All you need is ...
One to cook and one to clean one to cry and one, one to dream
All you need is …
One to cook and one to clean one to cry and one, one to dream

Time is running running out of time
Hit the break decelerate and stop behind the line
Shut this weather window, break the subject down
Roll this program up and take the last train out of town

For Company

Loneliness is a killer.

The television's on her glass half empty
Money in her purse she has no need of that
Family all gone she's talking to the cat
Looking through the blind, he's late
And always unkind but she doesn't mind
And she does it all for company

The Caledonian road the cars are crawling
Ugly and alone he offers her a cigarette
And a slow ride home, they've only just met
And the city's sprawling
And the rain is falling
And she does it all for company

Locking up the shop she's the last to leave
No reply to her goodbye
They don't feel the need and she's too shy to say
It's just the dying of the day

Beneath the city street a smoke filled room
Karaoke chic frilly and obscene
Mirrors and a stage tables in-between
Coiled like a snake, she waits
A body of lies with glitter ball eyes
And she does it all for company

The Making Of You

Your failures make you stronger.

Too bad your dreams are dead
How long will you hang your head
Slow down and think it through
You still have it all to do

(One more disaster)
Fate and favour annihilating sound
(Maybe this moment)
Watching over the lost and found

This could be - the making of you
This could be - the making of you

Take back the time you lost
One day they will pay the cost
Time is a friend to you
Success is long overdue

If You Sit Very Still

The 60s broke a lot of hearts and minds. We all know someone who didn't return.

Perhaps you knew me better when we were young
In those chemistry classes
I guess we all have our time in the sun but it passes

If you sit very still - enter your mind and find me there
If you sit very still - focus your eyes and breathe the air
If you sit very still

There it is again the echoes of a dream
Sailing upstream
Somewhere in the blood a sugar coated flood in your mind

The curtains are drawn and the doors are all locked
From the inside
You don't answer the phone but we know that you're home in the dark

The Second Lord Of Poorly

An uninvited guest. Show him to the guest room, lock the door and throw away the key.

Here he comes again dressed up to the nines
You didn't invite him but he's come round to dine

Lord of poorly moving slowly
Ever you are the agent of demise

He floats down every corridor moves from floor to floor
Breaking all your valuables and checking every door

Although he's never welcome he's as natural as the rain
Older than eternity long division is his game
He'll visit in the evening when all you work is done
And sit with you and watch the setting of the sun

Tosser Laureate

For a sister.

You took what you shouldn’t have and more at speed
When you get what you want you still won’t have what you need

Is it love you need or just control money and sway
Over my life matter of fact falling like rain
And what use is that

There is no way back into the past far from us now
Back of the bay cold water swell hugging the shore and I know it well

Your decaying orbit so destructive annihilating sound
Where do you want to be tomorrow above or below the ground

Dogs Don't Last

Despots come and, thankfully, go.

In the corner where you stand
You thought you had the upper hand
But don't run hold fast
Dogs don't last

They'll tell you when to breath out
No one will come running so don't shout
Tie your colours to the mast
Dogs don't last

They want to rewrite the past
Little tyrants to the last
Kicking when they dream
They are as stupid as they seem

Picking the muscle from the bone
With no-one to trust they banquet alone
But don't run hold fast
Dogs don't last
But don't run hold fast
Dogs don't last

Matt in the studio programming an Odyssey synth