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No Shock Of The New

Is it just me or is Apple turning into Benetton?

First published in MacUser Dec 2014.


The Nature Of Interactivity

An article examining the computer as an artistic tool and conceptions of interactivity


Audio compression & limiting

Technical overview of concepts, technologies and uses


Character vs transparency in audio equipment

Vintage and contemporary equipment discussed


Analogue to digital conversion

All about samples, word length and quantising


Planet Of Tunes logoPlanet Of Tunes - free resources

Digital media technical articles at www.planetoftunes.com


Project Studio Handbook logoProject Studio Handbook

Technical audio theory video scripts at www.projectstudiohandbook.com

On Inspiration

What happened to Burt, Stevie, Macca??

First published in Future Music June 2005.


Surviving Music

An article (subtitled The Dramatic Narrative in Music)


Diary Of A Music Fan

What slaves us music fans are!


The Atlantic Monthly

A short story



A couple of poems


Coitus Headache

The story of one man's journey to hell (an ER) and back