Who is Matt?






















Matt is a digital media designer and educator, and a composer, music technologist and musician. He runs his own business The Pixel Gang, teaching games programming to young learners. He is also a qualification and curriculum developer in the fields of digital marketing, music and media and develops and creates content for online learning platforms. He has released albums under his own name and contributed to recording projects in the mainstream and independent music industry.

After leaving college in 1978, Matt worked as a graphic designer for 7 years before becoming a music industry professional in 1985, working in recording and then as a writer at Island Music.

Matt has recorded albums under his own name and contributed to the recordings of other artists in the roles of engineer, producer and composer. Of his collaborative work he is most proud of the recordings he has made with Elio Pace, Jebb Loy Nichols, Lorraine Morley, guitarist Brian Douglas, and Bluey (Incognito).

Matt discovered Director and QuickTime in the 1990s and became involved in interactive enhanced CD development. He was asked to develop courses for Rose Bruford college, Kingston and Greenwich universities, and ever since has been involved in digital media design and marketing, mentoring up and coming designers and musicians, and developing and delivering digital media, music technology and digital marketing qualifications and curriculum for apprentices, adults, FE and HE students.

Matt authored the new Digital Marketing level 3 and 4 apprenticeship diploma for Agilisys Arch and City & Guilds, and has helped a number of organisations to implement, refine and deliver digital marketing and creative digital media apprenticeship programmes.

Matt has recently been helping to author a new updated Music Technology qualification for City & Guilds which will be run at 6th form and further education colleges.

Matt is a contributing editor of Project Studio Handbook and Planet Of Tunes, and in 2014 he started a new business, The Pixel Gang, which teaches games programming to young learners (7 - 12 years) in South London.