Songs Sung

2010 LP - POT008


Composed and recorded between 2007 and 2010, Matt's 6th LP comprises 10 latin-funk-jazz inspired songs.


Where You Are music video

Hand drawn animation.


Cleared For Song music video

Funk meets quirk.



About the album

Matt in studio

Just a few thoughts about these songs. When you just want to convey an emotional idea, music is the quickest and most direct way to communicate. Unless you have something specific to say, words aren't required. For this album I had stuff I was angry about or thankful for, and I wanted to express it. Sometimes a verse or two is all you need, so some of the lyrics are short.

Matt in studioMost of these songs have obvious interpretations but Time Is Spent is more impressionistic. There are two songs each about politics, nostalgia and death. Usual easy listening stuff then!"

Matt Jan 2010


Track by track

Song Sung

"My tribute to the genius of Antonio Carlos Jobim. He died before I got to see him perform. One of my few regrets.



You're Only Good Enough If We Say You Are

We have a government in the UK which is obsessed with controlling it's people with laws and auditors. It makes our lives hell. Well, we've been auditing them too and their days are numbered.

Matt guitarsCleared For Song

If we free ourselves of caring what others think of us, we'll find true freedom.

Climate Change

The end of an affair.

Time Is Spent

For Tracy.

Where You Are

For Tracy, again.

Disappointment Card

The Blair witch project has run aground and all the card carrying Labour party members smell blood.

The Rhetoric Of The Jet

When I was a child we used to cycle down to Hawker Siddley in Hatfield and try to catch a glimpse of the prototype Harrier jump jet being tested. More exciting than an iPhone.

Matt plays keys


Sleep Is A Rose

Nabokov meant this to refer to beauty sleep, but for some people death is a rose too. Blessed relief.

If You Remember Me

Well, everybody cares a little bit, don't they?"

Matt Dec 2010

Matt sleeps



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1Song Sung

2You're Only Good Enough If We Say You Are

3Cleared For Song

4Climate Change

5Time Is Spent

6Where You Are

7Disappointment Card

8The Rhetoric Of The Jet

9Sleep Is A Rose

10If You Remember Me


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