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Lord Of Poorly album cover
Lord Of Poorly 2015 LP - POT009

Matt's latest album contains 10 new songs.

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Songs Sung CD cover
Songs Sung 2010 LP - POT008

Composed and recorded between 2007 and 2010, Matt's 6th LP comprises 10 latin-funk-jazz inspired songs.

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Gatefold Covers Of The 1970s cover
Gatefold Covers Of The 1970s 2006 LP - POT007

Sixteen tracks of Latin jazz-fusion instrumentals. Recorded during 2006, this LP includes a wide range of grooves and moods.

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3 Easy Pieces CD cover
3 Easy Pieces 2005 EP - POT004

Matt's 4th solo recording is his first to feature compositions which use the back-beat. A mix of laid back and aggressive jazz-rock fusion recordings.

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I'm The Wrong Way Up 2004 CD - POT003

I'm The Wrong Way Up is Matt's 3rd LP. Featuring a blend of bossa rhythms, jazz harmony and strong tunes, this is "bossa fusion"!

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Given Name CD cover
Given Name 2000 CD - POT002

Matt's 2nd LP features extended tracks and rich arrangements. Initially available as an enhanced CD.

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Yield CD cover
Yield 1999 LP - POT001

Yield is Matt's first album. His love for the music of Maurice Ravel, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and the 5th Dimension is evident on a collection that blends jazz, Brazilian and classical influences.

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Sun To Flower CD cover
Sun To Flower 1995 POT005

Ten songs performed by Rachael Brown, Sara Moule and Liz Leng. Composed by Liz Leng and Matt, Produced by Matt.

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Fruit POT006

Adrienne Loehry sings sixteen electro r'n'b tracks written and produced by JP Manuick (Bluey) and Matt between 1987-89.

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"Pretty Noise" 1994

Performed by Liz Leng and featuring her brilliant lyric about a strangler. Composed by Liz Leng and Matt, Produced by Matt.

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"Pretty Noise" © Matt Ottewill & Liz Leng 1994. You may use this MP3 file of "Pretty Noise" for personal use only. Unauthorised duplication, distribution, broadcast and performance is prohibited.