Given Name

2000 LP - POT002

Given Name CD cover back



In the original enhanced CD release, Matt's 2nd album contained a mixture of audio tracks for your CD player and interactive multimedia "sound art" for your PC or Mac.


Given Name recording session

Recording the guitar solo with Pete Griffin


Given Name interactive

Re-mix Put A Name To It from the LP. (Shockwave 425Kb)


Given Name interactive

Re-mix Put A Name To It from the LP. (Shockwave 425Kb)


Given Name interactive screenshot"In 1997 ago I was introduced to interactive multimedia and enhanced music CDs by a college lecturer. I searched the shelves of record and computer shops for titles and found only a handful, among them Coldcut's "Let Us Play" and Peter Gabriel's "Xplora". I was hooked, and started researching making my own.

Given Name interactive screenshotOuch! It quickly become apparent that multimedia authoring is highly technical requiring among other skills design, image creation, animation, video production and computer programming and is usually accomplished by a team of specialists.

I felt that after 15 years of sweat I had a good grasp of music production and needed a new challenge. Besides, my partner had left me (my sampler stayed!) and I was bored with TV and clubbing, and it seemed that this was an area in which I could employ my old graphic design/art skills.

Given Name interactive screenshotUnlike other titles I wanted to make something that was more interactive "sound art" than the usual hi-tech consoles and navigation buttons. Given Name is what I came up with. It contains interactive music animations, mixers, video interviews and game/discovery elements.

Creating Given Name was an extremely challenging and satisfying creative experience. I hope you like it. I'm exhausted! Now, for the next one I have a really great idea! ... "

Matt 2000


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1Why We Feel This Way

2Put A Name To It

3Given Name

4Pulling Up Trees

5Dogs & Other Philosophers

6Moon Tin


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